Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Day (9/6/09); Astoria to Tillamook

Well we got a slow start to day because of the heavy rain. The plan was a 8AM departure, but with the rain and wind, at times the rain was coming down sideways.

After the worst of it passed we departed, approx 9:30 and headed south slowly turning toward the coast after 10 or 15 miles. The rain came and went which caused the jacket on, jacket off routine several times.
The wind was in our faces most of the day, blowing petty hard. I have to look at the route sheet, but I think that the snack stop was at 26 miles and I didn't reach it until 1PM, a bit behind schedule.

We had a tunnel to ride through. Before entering the riders hit a button that causes a set of blinking lights to flash indicating to the drivers that bikes are inside the tunnel. Biking through a tunnel can be very unnerving. It's nosily; the cars are zipping by closely. Oh this particular tunnel was uphill. I just beat it through as quickly as possible.

Of course the reason that I took this ride was for the vistas. Today did not disappoint. There were many spots where the break between the trees provided breathtaking views.

There were some long stretches where we road where the turbulent ocean was crashing into the rocks 100 feet below us.

Here are today’s numbers:
      72 Miles; Total Distance I traveled
      3,330 Feet: I climbed

The weather is expected to be nicer tommarrow with more favorable winds, I’m looking forward to it.

Ohh Ohh.. breakfast is to be at the Pancake House, lets see what they will have.

Happy Trails,


Mike Munk, Day 1

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