Monday, September 14, 2009

Second Week, Day 2

It was brisk as well left the hotel this morning, the heavy clouds gave us no insight to whether we were going to be pushing our way through the rain again. Patches of blue sky offered us some hope.

The amount of climbing today was about the same amount as the rides have be typically during this entire trip (~ 3000 Feet), but it was mostly in small climbs out of river valleys followed by descents back into river valleys.

The big attraction for today, and I mean BIG, was 30 miles through the Avenue of the Giants. Towering Redwood tree groves with trees reaching for the skies. The roads were damp with dew and cool even late in the afternoon.

We've staying in Garberville that is a throwback to the sixties, with tie dye and peace signs up and down the main drag.

Oh wondering about the rain? Well except for some light sprinkles, it was nice and sunny.

Here are today’s numbers:
    81 Miles; Total Distance I traveled
    3,269 Feet: I climbed

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