Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second Week, Day 1

Started off today with a wonderful ride in front of us today. Left with leg warmers on this morning, other folks were wearing jackets and gloves. As we headed south on the 101 we quickly started to climb. Most of the time it was 6% grade but at times it reached 9%.

About 14 miles we had descended and passed the Trees of Mastery. I have photos of Giant Paul Bunyan and Babe standing in front of the complex.

Then is was back to climbing in no time then into the redwood forest, where the giant tress are. It's really astonishing how big the trees are.

Further down the road we came across a herd of elk by the road. I understand that seeing the elk is a pretty unique event.

At about the 60 mile mark we pulled into the second and last SAG stop at about 1:30 and still had about 20 miles to go. I got a sandwich at the market and noticed that it was starting to sprinkle a bit. Nothing to be concerned with, I was planning on being at the hotel in less that 90 minutes if I worked quickly. Oh but then I noticed that my front tire was soft, drat the tire had a slow leak, so I needed to stop and replace the tube. The whole time it was increasingly raining harder. Buy the time I got on the road was wet and the water was splashing up my back, oh lovely...

By the time I pulled into the hotel, I was soaking wet, jumped into the shower, cleaned and headed to the post ride rap followed by great BBQ for dinner.

There is a chance of rain tomorrow.

Here are today’s numbers:
85 Miles; Total Distance I traveled
4,484 Feet: I climbed

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