Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Third Day Tuesday (9/8/09); Lincoln City to Florence OR

What a wonderful day!! Blue sky and very cool temperatures. I was wearing leg warmers and my yellow jacket to keep warm.

What can I say about today, except it has fulfilled all my expectations. It was that picture that I had in my mind when I was making the trip reservations, blue skies, slightly cool temperatures and views!!! Just gotta tell you about the views. Lighthouses, blue ocean, calm seas but still with waves crashing on the beaches and into the rocks and water splashing everywhere. Oh did I forget to mention about the whales? I know lots of folks that have paid a lot of money to go whale watching, well we saw whales for the overlooks all along the ride today. Whales spouting and frolicking in the white foam.

Here are today’s numbers:
    80 Miles; Total Distance I traveled
    3,648 Feet: I climbed


Mike Munk, Day 3

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  1. I thought you bought a new camera....so, where's the photos of the views????