Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Hello All,

Well it's been a little later than been usual, but I will be taking a two week bike trip down the West Coast of the US, mostly along U.S Route 101.

As you can see from the map of the first week, we will be hugging the Pacific Ocean every day. Do you think that it's possible to get tired of one breath taking view after another. I don't know, but I'll willing to find out.

The second week in California, As shown below, I expect to be equally breathtaking with the Redwood forests in the North, wine country in the middle and completing the ride by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

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I'll be biking with a bicycling touring company called America by Bike ( I traveled with them last year, from San Francisco to Salt Lake City ( and look forward to them again. 

I'm starting to look through the itinerary and am starting to look forward to some stops:

  • Tallamook, OR; thy have a air museum housed in an old blimp hanger; Tillamook Air Museum
  • Lincon City (link) sounds like a pretty nice place, but after a day on the the bike I'm usually looking for an internet connection, ice cream float and a mico-brew (not necessarily in that order).
  • Brandon, OR; We'll be arriving on the second day of the Salmon Derby
  • Gold Beach, OR; I what to take some time to visit the tide pools
  • Crescent City CA; The town is 1.4 square miles. We'll be spending two nights in town. The highlight of the town seems to the Trees of Mystery, which also has internet links to Tourist trap.
  • San Francisco CA; the last day is pretty short, we'll be staying at the Comfort Inn by the bay. One of my friends suggested lunch at California Culinary Academy, it's only 3 miles away from out hotel, do you think that they will let some sweaty biker in for lunch? 
Second Week

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  1. I'm guessing you can't spare the time to do the whole 3 weeks; that's a shame. Looking forward to hearing your perspective about the Oregon bit, a section I did with Skip, Fred and Deb in 2004 down as far as Crescent City, where we turned inland to head for Crater Lake. A gorgeous part of the world.