Friday, September 11, 2009

Sixth Day Friday (9/11/09); Gold Beach OR to Crescent City CA

As the week goes on I'm waking up with less aches and pains. I hardly groaned getting out of bed this morning.

We started off in the fog this morning. This same trip spend many days in the fog, we're fortunate that the fog did not last the entire day.

When the fog lifted the fantastic views returned.

The ride today was only about 60 miles, though I have added on several more miles exploring the area. We crossed the California state line and have ended the first week in Crescent City CA. We will have a layover day here. One rider will depart tomorrow and 3 new riders will join us.

Though the first couple of days were difficult the rest of the week has become more and more fun. The week has been a blast and I can't wait to see what next week will bring.

Mike Munk, Day 6

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  1. Hi Brian

    I have just discovered that Larry (and indeed Mrs. Larry) and Sue from last year's C2C, are in your group. Please say hi to them from me, and also Wayne, who also sends his best.