Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day off - Crescent City

This week of riding in Oregon surpassed my expectations. It was challenging, fun and beautiful.

It had not occurred to me that the ride would involve so many bridges. When you think about it however, all the rivers in Oregon have to flow to the ocean. If you are to build a road that runs along the coast, you'll have to build bridges to cross the rivers.

Most of the bridges were built during in the '30s during the depression. A testament to the huge investment in infrastructure that was made to keep people employed. I wonder if at the time if the folks that decided to build these projects really understood the long term usefulness of the investment or rather they were looking primarily for a way to keep people working.

Yesterday, at the end of the ride, I made some errands that included, Ice cream, Bike shop and souvenir shopping ending up at the Library to update the blog and check my e-mail. When I returned to my bike outside the Library I noticed that my camera was gone. I normally carry my camera in a small pouch on my bike. I'm guessing that someone helped themselves to my camera while I was inside. All my photos from last week were in the camera's flash memory. So a week's worth of photos is gone. On the plus side, the trip leader has been keeping a great website with a bunch of great photos, you should check it out (link). I'm going to update all my previous posts with links to Mike's site.

This morning I took off to find the Walmart to pick up a new camera, maybe the third time will be a charm.

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