Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 2; 9/7/09 Tillamook to Lincon City

Day 2;

Today started off today with more showers. Before heading off to breakfast we huddled in the lobby of the motel. we knew that the showers were going to pass quickly. The sky was mostly blue skies with some clouds.

After breakfast we head to the ocean and a pretty big climb. For coastly trip, there is surly a lot of up and down. At the top there was beautful light house. When we asked the park ranger if the light house is still used, he replied that the light house is no longer need since all the ships have GPS.

The day was one of hills, descents and sun. A wonderful combination. Unlike yesterday, wind was not a factor. Eary in the day, my camera stopped working so I don't have photos from today. I stopped a store called Bi-Mart and picked up a new one. I likely saved money instead of buying it in Califorina since there is no sales tax.

As we move down the coast, we are expecting more hills and more blue skies.

Here are today’s numbers:
    65 Miles; Total Distance I traveled
    3,774 Feet: I climbed


Mike Munk, Day 2

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  1. I knew you needed to buy a new toy before you went on this trip!! What happened to your camera? Did you buy a decent new one?