Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second week, day 3

Second week, day 3

The ride for today should be called, from the Giants to the Sea. I'm now in Fort Bragg on the coast. We started this morning inland in Garberville. Though the ride was only 70 miles in distance, a set of coastal mountain ridges had to be crossed.

No rain, temperature was cool. At the 25 mile mark the climbing began. Several times the road pitched to 9% but most of the time it was about 7%. The climb reminded me of parts of the San Gabriel mountains in Southern California, only more green and much cooler. The roadway was damp from the morning dew most of the time.

At the top of the hill I was happy to see the trucks on wedges indicating a 7% descent grade. The ride down the twisty roads was a ball! This ridge was followed by a similar but smaller ridge and finally bursting upon the Pacific Ocean. I have some wonderful shots of the ride to the second SAG stop where I gobbled down some snacks and water before heading on to Westport for a sandwich. The small store was lost in the 60's, but the sandwich was great.

From there it was it was about 18 miles to town, where an ice cream cone was waiting for me.

on a scale of 10, today must have been at least a 9+.

Miles: 71
feet climbed 5,130


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